Super Mario Universe

What is Super Mario Universe?

Super Mario Universe is a level series by Orangetack that is inspired by the Super Mario Galaxy series. It is structured in a similar way, with lots of different galaxies, each containing one, two or three stars. The aim of Super Mario Universe is to explore what can be done with SMF3 and to push its boundaries with innovative ideas and never-before-seen concepts.

How long will it be?

If all goes well, Super Mario Universe will have 101 levels: 90 normal stars, 9 single-star tribute galaxies (which will use other editions) and 2 special stars that are available after the main finale.

How hard is it?..

Challenging, but beatable. It’s made for Mario veterans so it wastes no time in getting down to business, but it’s not kaizo difficulty or anything. Although it gets challenging fairly quickly, it’ll stay the same difficulty for most of the series, only going into extreme territory right towards the end.